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Strip that Fat
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You have tried  out every diet you knew about to lose weight but without getting any result.  You  are eating healthy food, you are doing exercises regularly. You have attempted "fad” diets like the ones you have seen on TV.  But your weight is still not coming down.  You have really started believing that there is no other option than the surgeon's knife. But there is one diet that you must try before submitting to the  knife. 

Your diet can do wonders for your body. Everybody is into dieting today, regardless of whether they are doing it intentionally or not. We all believe that we should eat more  raw fruits and vegetables and less fat and carbohydrates and so on. Most of us really try to stay on the right side of healthy, but it is not always easy.  Add to that the fact that there are so many conflicting versions on what is good and what is not when it comes to healthy foods and you can easily find yourself in a state of complete confusion.

What you eat affects your weight and increases your risks of health diseases. Deciding a healthy diet is easier said than done because less healthy foods are more tempting. Different people need different healthy diet because you might like one kind of diet while others just cannot stand it and need alternative. That is what health experts are here for, to let us know which food are healthier than others.

So what can you do to be sure your diet is both helping you to lose weight and stay healthy in the long run?

The most important thing when it comes to diets is to understand that your body needs proteins, fats, sugars, fibers, vitamins and minerals at all meals  if it is to feel satisfied. Ideally, every time you eat, your plate should have some protein, a little fat and a little fibrous mass to ensure that you feel full and satisfied.

The next very important thing is use common sense. Common sense would not let you starve to death with plenty of food around you and it would also let you know when you have had too much.

This takes some planning and  planning can be hard. It is a lot easier to reach out for a bag of whatever junk food is available than to plan a balanced meal. It also means that if you plan to replace potato chips with a fruit snack, you will not feel good  about it and it will also not make you feel full. But solutions are there. An apple followed by, say, some plain yogurt, will do more to keep you filled than two apples. So take a bit of everything at every meal!

Another thing we hear all the time is that raw food is better than cooked  food. By eating as much raw food as possible, you are managing your weight and also eating  more healthy food. But you cannot eat everything raw. Try to eat a mixture of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables, and use common sense. If some food is normally eaten raw, you also eat it raw. If it is usually cooked into a culinary delight, then do not try to eat it raw. Diet choices should be made according to your own body's needs and way of life. It is really of no use to starve yourself or eat disgusting foods just because others said it is healthy.

Now I will tell you about some of the myths and wrong notions about dieting which cause harm instead of benefit.The Following DIETS DO NOT WORK and are PLAIN BAD FOR YOU!  


 Eating Low Carbs

You  may have probably tried low-carbohydrate diets, or at least heard of them. These diets do not work. They are much not sustainable, too strict, and make your life miserable as your body starves without carbs causing headaches, irritability and loss of sleep. In fact, such diets may actually cause you to gain weight after the initial weight loss.  


 Low Fat Diets

You know all these so called "low fat” foods that are sold in your local supermarket? These foods are  actually calorie ridden and will make you gain weight  


 Starvation Diet

Your Body requires food to function. Losing weight the wrong way by not eating is actually worse for you than gaining weight. It will affect the way your brain functions and slow your metabolism down to a GRINDING HALT!   


 Following Pre-package Diet Programs  

These foods are worse for you than foods you can make from your own home. Not only that, pre-packaged food diets (like Jenny Craig) can cost you up to $500 per month to maintain! That is more than most families spend on groceries in an entire month. Does it make sense to spend so much more for eating less?

 What are the questions that you normally want to ask when you meet somebody overweight?

Do YOU eat the wrong foods?
 YOU sneak into McDonalds for a late night meal? 
 YOU eat during the wrong times of the day? 
 YOU eat empty calories while watching your favourite TV Show? 
How about exercise, do
 YOU forget to walk your dog?

Notice that 4 of the items were related to food and only one was exercise. This is because diet is 80% of the battle, and exercise is only 20%. Most overweight people get enough exercise, but what they "eat” prevents them from getting that fit, healthy waistline!

The food you eat will either make you lose weight or gain weight. Conventional wisdom has always told us to eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, however there is more to it than this…and actually speaking eating 3 big meals per day is not good for our body.

What if you are told that you could burn more calories and have a better metabolism simply by eating more often? How do 5 meals a day sound?  


Well, this is the truth. If you eat smaller meals and eat the right foods, you can actually eat more and lose more weight! Sounds strange, but our bodies are very complex and if you understand your body, you can truly manipulate your metabolism for speedy and sustainable weight loss! When you get rid of the unwanted fat from your body, it will actually make your body and organs function better. You regain the healthy glow. Less fat will give you more energy, a more clear mind, and actually increase happiness! 

Are You Tired of Battling With Those Troublesome, Impossible-to-Get-Rid-Of FATS?

Fat loves to make its home in the worst possible places on your body.  No one ever asked for fat to be stored in the gut, hips, lower back, or thighs! The fortunate thing for you is that weight loss is possible in all of these areas.  So, get ready to send that stomach, thigh, hip fat & cellulite packing, because this fat will be moving out when you start with the STF Weight Loss package! The reason Strip That Fat is the top dieting programs available online is because they are actually helping people like yourself lose weight.  

For further details you may go to the following site



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